Jimmy Kimmel Tricks Hillary Clinton Supporters Into Backing Donald Trump's Tax Plan

Hillary Supporters Like Trump's Tax Plan - H 2015
Courtesy of ABC

"I feel stupid."

Jimmy Kimmel and his "Lie Witness News" team played a trick on Hillary Clinton supporters recently, confusing them into backing Donald Trump's tax plan.

"It seems to me most people pick a candidate and go along with whatever that candidate says," said Kimmel while introducing the segment. So his team went about proving his theory by presenting people on the street with Trump's tax plan, and claiming it was Clinton's.

"I would support that, yes," said one of the Clinton supporters when asked about a part of Trump's proposal involving estate taxes.

After they find out they have been deceived, the supporters have a range of reactions. "I would say he's a pretty smart man," says one man, while another says "I feel stupid."

"That's shocking, but I mean if it is [Trump's plan] I'm still not voting for Donald Trump. He's a caricature," says one woman. "Oh god, I hate him," was the reaction from another woman.

One man however, simply changed his mind. "Well, I support Donald Trump then."