Jimmy Kimmel, Hillary Clinton Ask Kids About Having a Female President: "If There Was a War, She Would Make It Stop"

Hillary Clinton and Jimmy Kimmel - H 2015

"They're too girly," said one boy, disagreeing with the girls, who favored having a woman in the White House. "They'll make girl rules. … Free makeup in the world."

Things got contentious Thursday night when Jimmy Kimmel and Hillary Clinton sat down with a small group of kids for an "Out of Focus Group" segment to learn more about their feelings about having a woman president. The two little boys at the table expressed their serious concerns about having a woman in the White House, while the two girls were excited about that possibility.

"They're too girly," said one boy, explaining why he wasn't keen on having a female president. "They'll make, like, girl rules. … Free makeup in the world."

But the girls maintained their ground, declaring that women are "smarter" — and, yes, "it's time to have a lady president."

While the boys argued that a woman president would lose a war against a man, a girl reasoned to cheers from the audience, "If there was a war, she would probably make it stop so people can be more healthy and they won't die."

But on one hot-button issue, the youngsters found common ground.

A woman president would "probably decorate the White House … and make it all girly," the other boy said. "They might even paint it pink."

To which a girl nodded, "I'd agree with him."

Watch the full clip below.