Jimmy Kimmel Hosts 'Force Awakens' Cast on All-'Star Wars' Show

Star Wars Kimmel - H 2015
Jimmy Kimmel Live

"The most anticipated sequel, I think, since the New Testament," joked the late-night host of the upcoming 'Star Wars' during his monologue.

Jimmy Kimmel pulled out all the stops for his all-Star Wars episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! Monday night.

The cast of the upcoming Force Awakens, including Carrie Fisher, Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver, John Boyega and director J.J. Abrams, joined Kimmel for a group interview and to goof around in some sketches.

Those sketches included a hologram version of Fisher, projected by R2-D2, saying she wouldn't wear her original bun wig from A New Hope, as well as Harrison Ford talking Chewbacca down from jumping off a ledge after reminiscing about their time together over the years, which included playing board games and Ford combing the Wookiee's hair.

"The most anticipated sequel, I think, since the New Testament," joked Kimmel during his monologue, referring to the upcoming installment. "Americans know more about Star Wars than we do actual wars."

Abrams was the first guest. Alone, he talked to Kimmel about the film, which opens Dec. 18.

"We have a couple more color corrections, but we're done," said Abrams. "I can't tell you the relief I feel."

Abrams said a handful of people  close friends and family  have seen the film, but he is excited to see it with an audience.

"It is a movie that will be a lot of fun to watch with a crowd," he said.

A portion of the main cast  Fisher, Ridley, Driver and Boyega  then joined their director to talk about when they learned they had been cast in the movie. Ridley said she was in the middle of a play when she got the news, and Driver was on the last day of shooting the HBO series Girls.

Boyega said the first person he told when he got the news was his father. "He said, 'Oh, my God, that is fantastic! What is Star Wars?' " said Boyega.

The castmembers then talked a little bit about the audition process, including the fact that they had to memorize lines because they couldn't take the script home.

Star Wars fan and former guest on Kimmel's show 7-year-old Arden Hayes joined the cast onstage to play a game of franchise trivia. Hayes easily won the trivia game and was rewarded with a wheelbarrow full of toys from the film.