Jimmy Kimmel Imagines a Donald Trump-Oprah Presidential Ticket

Screengrab/Jimmy Kimmel Live

But if Trump asked Winfrey to be his running mate, "I would say 'Donald, I'm with her.'"

Oprah Winfrey made it clear on Thursday's Jimmy Kimmel Live! that she has no plans on running for VP like the host — especially on a ticket with Donald Trump. 

Appearing on Kimmel's latest "Game Night" episode, Winfrey applauded Kimmel's platform of shortening CVS receipts. "That was much needed," she told him. "Change is in the air." When it came time to endorse Kimmel as a vice presidential candidate, however, she hesitated. "Do I have to have one of those signs on the lawn?"

Kimmel insisted that he doesn't need a solid platform, though, because "Donald Trump didn't need one!" 

Citing Trump's statements that he would love for Winfrey to be his running mate, Kimmel asked if she would ever consider that presidential ticket. 

"Have not gotten the call," she said, but if he did call, would she answer? 

Winfrey thoughtfully responded: "I would say 'Donald, I'm with her.'" The media mogul officially endorsed Clinton on Thursday, saying, "Regardless of your politics, you cannot be a woman in the world and not see that this is a monumental time for women breaking the ceiling."

Kimmel assured her that if she decided to run for president now, she could beat both Trump and Clinton.

"I do not believe that," she said, and it will never happen because she has no qualifications to run. But this year? "I'm feeling pretty qualified," she joked. 

Winfrey was there to promote OWN's upcoming megachurch drama Greenleaf, which premieres June 21 with Winfrey appearing in a recurring role.