Jimmy Kimmel Jokingly Reveals Himself as 'Modern Family' Documentarian

Jimmy Kimmel Live! host - Publicity - H 2020

The ABC late-night host joined the sitcom cast for a pre-recorded piece that aired after the long-running show's series finale.

Jimmy Kimmel joked that he's the documentarian behind Modern Family in a pre-recorded sketch that aired on Wednesday's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The clip, which aired after the sitcom's series finale Wednesday night, opened with Phil (Ty Burrell) and Claire (Julie Bowen) talking to the camera about the documentary that has been in production for "a very long time."

Phil later told Claire that he was named the 2020 realtor of the year and she congratulated him with a hug. Kimmel yelled cut and said, "That was terrible." When Claire said they were just living their lives, the director responded, "Live your lives less terrible."

Back in the interview setting, Phil explained that Kimmel got the job when he worked as the wedding videographer for Jay (Ed O'Neill) and Gloria's (Sofía Vergara) wedding. "After the reception, he hid in the trunk of our car, followed us home and he hasn't stopped filming since," added Claire.

Kimmel appeared in a private interview to recap his time filming the family and noted that he's been like "a fly on their wall."

Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) said Kimmel "isn't the most tactful" and shared that he gave each family member a nickname. Cam's (Eric Stonestreet) nickname is "White Precious," while Mitchell is called "Ginger Spice."

Cam also shared that Kimmel tells the couple every time that he meets a gay man. A following clip showed Kimmel telling Mitchell and Cam that he recently met a receptionist, noting that they "would love him."

"I don't like to influence my subjects. I like things to be very natural, but sometimes I do like to introduce drama. For instance, right now Alex thinks she didn't get into Harvard because I swapped her acceptance letter with a rejection letter I made in PhotoShop," he said. Alex (Ariel Winter) overheard the revelation and told him to "go fuck yourself."

Haley (Sarah Hyland) and Luke (Nolan Gould) later spoke about working with Kimmel, who said "he's just a regular guy who lives with us and eats our food and asks us for money and wears our clothes." Luke added that Kimmel sleeps in their bathtub.

Kimmel reflected on the "close relationships" he developed with the family, while his sound guy Guillermo Rodriguez became close with the Pritchetts. In one scene, Rodriguez almost revealed to Manny (Rico Rodriguez) that he is his biological father. Gloria stopped him, though the two later revealed in a private interview that they had a fling after ordering bottomless margaritas at brunch.

The director later revealed his "masterpiece" to the family, which was a poorly edited video that featured Snapchat filters and was set to Sister Sledge's "We Are Family."

"Are you kidding me?" Claire said angrily before the family began to yell at Kimmel for wasting their time.

"I know that they love me no matter how mad they get at me," Kimmel said in a voiceover as the family members continued to yell, while Phil and Cam tried to throw objects at him. "I know that they love me unconditionally."

Luke interrupted Kimmel during a private interview in the family's bathroom, where the youngest Dunphy child asked Kimmel to return his retainer. After returning Luke's retainer, Kimmel told him that he'll "always be my special guy and I'll always be watching you."

The segment concluded with Kimmel crawling into the bathtub to take a nap.

Watch the full segment below.