Jimmy Kimmel Returns to Court as Judge James

Judge Kimmel - H 2017
Screengrab/Jimmy Kimmel Live

"I've seen more personality in a can of Campbell's soup," said Kimmel.

Jimmy Kimmel reprised his role of Judge James as he pretended to be a TV judge on Jimmy Kimmel Live, making a decision on court case between a real plaintiff and a defendant.

Scott Davies was suing for $1,400 over being rented a living room, when he said he expected a regular bedroom. Daniel Devore is the defendant, who said the plaintiff knew about the living arrangements but changed his mind.

As they began arguing their case, the plaintiff and the defendant started calling each other little brother and big brother and Kimmel got confused. "You guys think of each other as brothers?"

The men quickly started to get heated, with Devore saying Davies was a "little terrier" running around the court and Davies saying, "Shut up, fat boy."

"Hold on, just really quickly," Kimmel said, turning to Guillermo. "You are no longer bailiff of the month. You can't let this go on like this."

Then all of the attention shifted to Campbell, the witness who lives in the house where Davies rented a room. "Say anything, Campbell," they shouted at him. "I've seen more personality in a can of Campbell's soup," Kimmel added.

Kimmel eventually made his verdict and then told Guillermo to arrest everybody.