Jimmy Kimmel Gets Educated on YouTube Gaming with Mark Fischbach and Jonna Mae

Mark Fischbach, Jimmy Kimmel and Jonna Mae

"Why is my controller vibrating like a sex toy?"

Jimmy Kimmel is officially educated on YouTube Gaming.

The late-night host has been the target of tons of negative comments from the gaming community after previously bashing the activity of watching other people play video games.

"I suggested that watching other people play video games was a waste of time, and this resulted in a hell-storm of anger," he told the audience on Thursday night of being wished dead by thousands of people. "Maybe I did pre-judge something I knew nothing about."

He joined two well-known gamers, Mark Fischbach (aka Markiplier) and Jonna Mae (aka MissesMae), at Maker Studios for a proper introduction about how to be a game-watcher.

"Do you guys ever play old games like Pac-Mac and Donkey Kong? That's what I used to play. And I did watch people play but it was mostly me standing behind my friend because we were at 7-Eleven, spending the whole night there, putting all our quarters into the machine," asked Kimmel. Fischbach responded, "That would be the most ready equivalent that I would make  people watching your friends play games."

As for why Kimmel previously attacked the topic, he defended, "Well, it's a comedy show."

Though he did take part in the activity, he wasn't without question: "Why is my controller vibrating like a sex toy?"

Watch the video below.

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