'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' Presents NFL-Themed "Mean Tweets" Ahead of the Super Bowl


J.J. Watt, Russell Wilson and Rob Gronkowski got to see what football fans really think.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! is celebrating Super Bowl LI in its own way.

With its second NFL edition of "Mean Tweets," just days ahead of the big game, several NFL stars sat down to read aloud what football fans really think of them. 

"I'm tired of people saying Russell Wilson is too short to play quarterback," read the Seahawks star. "He's ugly too." 

J.J. Watt read that one fan thinks he "looks like a fat Macklemore." 

Rob Gronkowski read yet another dumb joke about himself: "Gronkowski is one of the dumbest people in the world. I have no problem tweeting this because he probably can't read it." Gronkowski countered: "You're dumb." 

"Tony Romo sits down to pee," read the quarterback, asking: "What other way is there?"

The most specific insult of the bunch? "Joey Bosa looks like a dude who wanted to be a magician but his parents made him focus on football." 

Watch the video below.