Jimmy Kimmel Planned to Give Meryl Streep a Pony at the Oscars

Courtesy of ABC/Good Morning America

Kimmel said viewers may see some "mean tweets" being read at the awards show.

Jimmy Kimmel continues to tease what his first time hosting the Oscars will be like, revealing to Good Morning America that he had planned to gift Meryl Streep with a "real pony" at the awards ceremony.

Kimmel sat down with the ABC morning show to talk about his upcoming gig and said the plan was to honor Streep with the horse in order to celebrate her 20th Oscar nomination. His wife and Jimmy Kimmel Live! co-head writer Molly McNearney is helping him write the jokes for the awards show and Molly was in on the gag.

"At first, she thought, 'Oh, yeah, I could, I could probably hold a pony on a leash for three hours,'" Kimmel said. "And then I think she came to her senses and decided that was not a good idea."

Nevertheless, Kimmel has other plans for the show that he is keeping fairly close to the chest. He said it's "possible" that there could be some mean tweets read on the Oscars stage.

In preparation, he said he's watched "all" of the past Oscars hosts and said all of them did at least a good job, if not a great job. "That actually makes it worse for me because what I would've loved is if the last 14 Oscar hosts had bombed miserably," he said, adding, "That's my dream, get in a time machine and go back and ruin the Oscars for all those hosts."

He continued to say that he wants his faux arch-nemesis Matt Damon, who is nominated as a producer of Manchester by the Sea, to lose. He said it's not about the film itself losing, it's about Damon losing. "I mean, if the Joker and the Batman were face to face, there would be some kind of a standoff and I would imagine that that will be the same for this," said Kimmel, adding that odds are he's going to say something about Damon while he hosts, which is what Kimmel did when he hosted last year's Emmys.