Jimmy Kimmel and Michelle Obama Mock Her "FNV" Fruits-and-Vegetables Campaign

Courtesy of ABC

"This is supposed to be for kids. There shouldn't even be an 'F' in it," the ABC late night host says, claiming the acronym is an obscene command.

Michelle Obama recently launched a star-studded campaign to get people to eat more fruits and vegetables.

Jessica Alba, Kristen Bell and athletes like Steph Curry, Colin Kaepernick and Cam Newton are all part of "Team FNV," which stands for "Fruits and Vegetables."

But in a segment that aired on Thursday's Jimmy Kimmel Live, the ABC late-night host notes that "FNV" sounds like an obscene command.

Appearing with Kimmel in a pre-taped video, the first lady talks about how excited she is to launch her new "FNV" campaign.

"As in, eat your effin' vegetables," Kimmel says.

They argue about who's confused, with Kimmel claiming he knows "what [the 'F'] stands for."

"I have HBO," he adds. "It's not ok, and this is supposed to be for kids. There shouldn't even be an 'F' in it."

When she tells him that the "F" stands for "fruit," he's still confused.

"Eat your fruiting vegetables? It makes no sense at all," he says.

Kimmel may not have figured out what "FNV" stands for, but he does get a tomato for his trouble.