Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Anti-Vaxxers, Reads Mean Tweets About Himself

"If you genuinely believe that 99 percent of the doctors in this country are dishonest then you need to see a doctor ironically."

Last week Jimmy Kimmel jumped into the anti-vaccination discussion by releasing an expletive-filled vaccine PSA. Well, the response from anti-vaxxers was swift and brutal, and Kimmel featured some of their mean tweets on Monday's show. 

The tweets accused Kimmel of being worse than child-molesting priests and Bill Cosby, with one anti-vaxxer making a meme of Kimmel saying he is trying to lead people fearlessly to their slaughter. Kimmel said that he does not have an obligation to showcase both sides of the anti-vaccination argument because that would be like asking him to argue both sides of whether or not pancakes make you gay.

Then, Kimmel showed a clip of two "activists" fighting for a "child's right to choose" whether they want to be vaccinated or not.