Watch Jimmy Kimmel Mock 'Frozen' Halloween Costumes in "Elsaween" Clip

Bearded Elsa Halloween Jimmy Kimmel - H 2014

Bearded Elsa Halloween Jimmy Kimmel - H 2014

It's an Elsa-pocalypse

Halloween is just around the corner, and Jimmy Kimmel is ready for it. The talk show host revealed his prediction for the most popular costume this year: Elsa from Frozen. He points out that no matter how many Elsas come to your door, you have to "pretend to be excited" and act as if each child's costume is "great and original."

In Kimmel's world though, not every Elsa is a child. Elsas can come in all forms, including bearded men, dogs and, of course, the inevitable "sexy" version. Kimmel's clip shows the audience how to handle "the upcoming Elsa-pocalypse."

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