Jimmy Kimmel and Bob Odenkirk Mock Late-Night Celebrity Games

Bob Odenkirk Jimmy Kimmel - H 2015

"It's time to play Heatherball."

On Monday, Jimmy Kimmel and Bob Odenkirk seemed to be making fun of the trend of having late-night talk show guests play games, as they often do on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show, which airs opposite Kimmel, and James Corden's Late Late Show.

"I have a new game that I'm really excited about, and I'd love it if you could be the first guest to play it," Kimmel told Odenkirk.

Odenkirk responded, "I told my publicist I didn't want to play a game."

Kimmel wouldn't be dissuaded. He explained to his guest that the game is "like tetherball, but Heather Graham's face is on the ball."

"It's called Heatherball," said Kimmel.

"Can't we just talk?" asked Odenkirk. "We can talk while we play a game of Heatherball," said Kimmel.

Watch as the duo allude to the trend of late-night show games.