Jimmy Kimmel, Paul Shaffer Take to Brooklyn Streets in Taxi

The ABC late-night host and David Letterman's former musical director hit the road, interviewing residents of the New York City borough and greeting a surprise guest.

Jimmy Kimmel has taken his show on the road to Brooklyn.

Paying homage to the town in which he was born, Kimmel kicked off his “Brooklyn Week,” broadcasting live from the Brooklyn Academy of Music, on Monday night. 

“In honor of our show being here in Brooklyn, all of the jokes you will hear tonight were written in small batches, by hand, on biodegradable hemp parchment, using natural ink that was made from sustainably harvested lingonberries,” the late-night host joked of the borough's reputation. “So rest assured, this is all artisanal tonight.”

To make the week more special, Kimmel enlisted help from Paul Shaffer, the former Late Show musical director and “kick at David Letterman’s side” for 33 years.

Kimmel described Shaffer with great praise, referring to him as “A man who has more soul than any Canadian who ever crossed over that imaginary line that divides our two great nations.” 

To celebrate the true essence of Brooklyn, Kimmel and Shaffer embarked on a taxi-cab journey, where they would interview passengers along the way. With a mini desk in tow and Schaffer’s keyboard, the late-night host and Shaffer bantered with passengers.

Their first passenger was Alisa, a mother arguing with her daughter over her hovering over her grandchild.

“Can we call your daughter and get to the bottom of it?” Kimmel asked, before dialing from Alisa's phone. After trying to alleviate the tension existing between them, Kimmel quipped about the daughter’s son, “She (Alisa) loves him, more than she loves you!”

Kimmel and Shaffer also spoke with Emily, a synchronized swimmer who taught Kimmel how to do her routine to Bruno Mars’ song “Uptown Funk,” as Shaffer performed it on his keyboard.

Apart from Brooklyn residents, Kimmel and Shaffer were in for a surprise when they spotted a man awaiting a taxi. When they pull up to him, they noticed it was Biff Henderson, David Letterman’s former stage manager who was regularly featured on Letterman’s late-night show.

“You’ve got to be kidding me! I’ll take the next one!” said Henderson, after realizing who was inside the taxi.  

Unsure why he refused to ride with them, Shaffer joked, “People change,” as they drove away.

After showing the segment, Kimmel noted that their renowned taxi driver, Mamadou, was in the audience, as he waved to everyone.  

Jimmy Kimmel Live!  will broadcast from Brooklyn for five episodes. This week marks the third year the late-night show has relocated to the city for a week of episodes.


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