Jimmy Kimmel Pranks People With Fake Names for Beyonce and Jay-Z's Twins

JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE_2 - Publicity - H 2017
Randy Holmes/ABC

Los Angeles pedestrians congratulate the musicians on their new babies, calling the kids by ridiculous made-up monikers.

The public doesn't officially know what Beyonce and Jay Z have named their new twins. But their names almost certainly are not Denver and Omelette or Cucumber and Uvula. America, apparently, has not gotten the memo, though, because on Tuesday night's Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the host took to the streets of Hollywood with an armload of fake baby names to see if he could trick people into congratulating the couple using some silly (and a few frankly offensive) monikers.

"Celebrity baby names are so unusual now," Kimmel said in setting up the bit. "The rumor actually is Jay Z and Beyonce named their kids Rumi and Sir...I hope that's not true, but we don't know the names of the twins and I wanted to have some fun with that. So this afternoon we went out on the street and we asked people to congratulate Beyonce and Jay Z on their recent arrival with some baby names we made up."

Also, probably not Landline and Retweet, or BedBath and Beyonce. Definitely not Pantene and Neosporin.

Watch all the other not-names below.

This story first appeared on Billboard.