Jimmy Kimmel Responds to Street Artist Who Deemed Host a "Cry Baby"

Kimmel -I encourage all fellow cry babies - SQ 2017
Courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel

The late-night host had his own retort to benches and posters appearing in L.A. from "Sabo."

Jimmy Kimmel has responded to a street artist who called him a "cry baby" on phony movie and TV ads all over West Hollywood on Thursday with a bit of street theater of his own.

Kimmel located one of the bus-stop benches featuring his image, crying, with the name of a fake TV show, The Jimmy Kimmel Estrogen Hour scrolled across it, then sat on the bench giving the middle finger, presumably to the artist, and had his photo snapped.

Kimmel emailed the photo to The Hollywood Reporter with the message: "I encourage all fellow cry babies to support Everytown for Gun Safety — everytown.org."

That website is taking donations to advance their message: "Reject the NRA."

Kimmel's response was to a conservative street artist who uses the name Sabo when attacking Hollywood liberals.

Sabo's artwork that appeared in several places on Thursday included images of Kimmel as if he were Johnny Depp in the 1990 movie Cry-Baby.

While Sabo's artwork is not specific, he indeed tells THR it was a reference to Kimmel's emotional monologue advocating gun control that he delivered on his TV show after Stephen Paddock used several modified semiautomatic weapons to target concertgoers in Las Vegas from his room in the Mandalay Bay hotel, killing 58 and injuring over 500 before taking his own life.

"Two facts are clear," Sabo said in response to Kimmel. "The first is that gun control laws accomplish nothing. Criminals don't abide by them. The second is that the left's aim in abolishing the Second Amendment is to have even more control over the people of this country."

Sabo also said his artwork is meant to highlight how partisan late-night comedians in general have become since Donald Trump was elected president.