Jimmy Kimmel's Latest "Lie Witness" Prank: Fake Kardashian-West Baby Names

Courtesy of ABC

In honor of Saint West's baby-name announcement, Kimmel had people react to fake names for the new child.

Jimmy Kimmel's latest "Lie Witness News" segment focused on Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's new baby, Saint. However, rather than asking people to react to the name "Saint," Kimmel's team made up names.

"What was your reaction when you heard that Kim and Kanye just named their new baby boy Kia Sorento West?" asked the host. A woman responded by saying she thought it was "classic Kanye." Another woman said she "didn't really care" when she was told that the Kardashian-West family named their baby "Fievel Goes West." The host reiterated the fake name, and the woman said that, yes, she had heard about it.

"Keurig has already become a household name for our coffee products, but now, being an actual child's name  they can do whatever they want," said one gullible man in response to the baby's supposed name being Keurig Kardashian West. He said people were talking about the name "Keurig" all over Facebook, and it was trending worldwide.

Then came the ultimate bait: Khaleesi Cruella Cuckoo Kimchi Kombucha Klondike Kielbasa Kaleidoscope Kikuju Kaley Cuoco West. Watch below to see everyone accept the names thrown at them.