Jimmy Kimmel Shares Update on Son's Health in Late-Night Return

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Courtesy of Randy Holmes/ABC

The ABC host, back after a week at home, also recalled the creative tactic he created to convince his three-year old daughter to eat.

Jimmy Kimmel is back on his eponymous ABC late-night show after a week off at home with his family.

“I was off, because my son Billy was supposed to have his next heart surgery. But we had to postpone it, because we all had colds,” Kimmel told his audience, before joking that he was really “waiting in line for the new iPhone all week.”

Jokes aside, the late-night host was happy to report that his son is “doing fine.”

“Anyway, my son is doing fine,” Kimmel shared, also explaining how happy he was to spend time with his family at home.

Still, Kimmel was quick to joke about his time off as “too much time at home with the kids.”

“It’s good to have time at home with the kids, but there is such a thing as too much time at home with the kids. Last night, around 6 p.m., I reached that time limit,” Kimmel began, before explaining that his three-year old daughter, Jane, refuses to eat anything.

“It’s Hollywood, she’s concerned about her weight,” Kimmel joked before continuing. “She doesn’t like to eat and she doesn’t like to sleep, which are two of the four basic things you need to do to stay alive.”

Running down his daughter's food preferences, Kimmel says Jane does like to eat desserts, “rice, beans, peanut butter and pasta.” Trying to match one of them, Kimmel cooked risotto for dinner, and his wife baked chocolate chip cookies.

After Jane relentlessly refused to eat Kimmel’s risotto, the late-night host recalls the moment he “snapped.”

“I didn’t know what to do, so I went over to the tray of freshly made chocolate chip cookies and said, ‘If you don’t eat this rice, I’m going to throw these cookies in the pool,'” Kimmel narrated. After Jane continued to be difficult, Kimmel threw a cookie in the pool.

“My wife walks in and she goes, ‘What is going on in here?'” Kimmel explained. “I had no good explanation for what was going on, but guess what? She ate the rice.”

Although a successful tactic, Kimmel mentioned how difficult it was for him.

“To pick a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie up…to throw it in the pool on purpose…to will your body to do that…. I imagine it’s similar to what it would be like to intentionally drive your car into the mailbox. But she did eat the rice,” Kimmel said.

The host joked that his tactic is “exactly how they should handle President Trump at all times.”