Jimmy Kimmel's Spelling Bee Competition Is Extra Challenging, Thanks to Guillermo

The late-night sidekick dressed up as a bumblebee and gave vague answers when contestants asked about the words they were supposed to spell.

Jimmy Kimmel invited the winners of this year's Scripps National Spelling Bee to compete with him in his own special version of a spelling bee. Since this year, there was a tie and there were two national champions, Nihar Janga and Jairam Hathwar, Kimmel recruited the youngest contender from the competition, Akash Vukoti, to join his team.

Akash, who turns 7 this week, came out onstage dressed in a suit to match Jimmy, but he first hugged Nihar, 11, and Jairam, 13. "We can't be friendly with these guys anymore; we have to crush them," Kimmel told Akash.

Guillermo dressed up as a bumblebee for the occasion, for which he was designated "word pronouncer." Guillermo's pronunciations did not make it an easy competition for Kimmel and the boys. He started out by butchering the word "phlebotomy." Nihar and Jairam were stumped and asked that the word be defined. "It is the word I just said," responded Guillermo.

Kimmel and Akash were similarly confused by Guillermo's pronunciation of "yacht." "Can I have alternate pronunciations, please?" asked Akash. "I think that was the alternate pronunciation," said Kimmel.

"Isthmus" and "vaudeville" spellings ended similarly; watch below.