Jimmy Kimmel Spoofs 'Love Actually' Scene With Trump White House

Jimmy Kimmel Live
ABC/Randy Holmes

The late-night host played Andrew Lincoln's part in the 2003 film and showed up at the front door of the president's home with posters and a boom box.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! has become the latest late-night show to reenact Love Actually.

In a parody set in Trump's White House that aired on Tuesday night's show, host Kimmel played the part of Andrew Lincoln's Mark and showed up at the front door of the president's home with posters and a boom box. Playing "Silent Night" as he worked, Kimmel began to show Trump what was written on the posters: "With any luck, by next year you'll be here," Kimmel's signs read. The next sign showed a doctored picture of Trump behind bars.

"But for now let me say it's Christmas (and at Christmas you tell the truth)," subsequent signs read. "You've told over 20,000 lies, paid only $750 in taxes, you deny science, you tried to ban Tik Tok and buy Greenland." Another poster read "Point to Spain" and displayed a map of the world.

As Kimmel displayed posters reading, "You tried to kill healthcare and democracy," an actor playing Melania Trump walked out the front door, saying "I've had enough, I'm leaving you, Donald." (The following sign read, "She's probably still mad about Stormy," and Trump nodded.)

Kimmel's final placard read "Any thoughts?" but Trump was silent, prompting Kimmel to conclude that Trump couldn't read. "Nope, reading's for losers," Trump responded, before shutting the door on Kimmel.

Saturday Night Live similarly borrowed from the 2003 film's Andrew Lincoln-Keira Knightley scene in a sketch in 2016, when Kate McKinnon, playing Hillary Clinton, took on Lincoln's part and tried to convince an elector not to vote for Trump.