Jimmy Kimmel Targeted by Street Artist Over Sunset Boulevard Car Wreck

Courtesy of SABO

Sabo hung a phony street sign at the spot where the talk-show host crashed his BMW.

Jimmy Kimmel found himself the butt of a joke Tuesday morning at the location where, a few weeks earlier, he'd reportedly crashed his BMW while trying to make an illegal left turn.

TMZ reported that Kimmel was struck while driving on the Sunset Strip in front of the famed Chateau Marmont Hotel in West Hollywood as he turned left. A nearby street sign proclaimed "Right Turn Only," which was situated underneath a red "Stop" sign.

On Tuesday, though, an additional, very official-looking street sign was added to the post so that underneath "Right Turn Only" drivers are also reading: "This Includes Idiot Comedians."

The Hollywood Reporter has learned that the phony traffic sign is the work of Sabo, a conservative artist who often lampoons liberal entertainers.

Sabo said he is picking on Kimmel because of a recent comment he made on a podcast. "Pretty much every late-night talk show [host] is a liberal. And that's because it requires a measure of intelligence," Kimmel quipped a week ago on Pod Save America.

"Obviously, his intellect wasn't so sharp as to keep him from nearly killing someone," Sabo told THR.

It is, in fact, the second time in four months Sabo has targeted Kimmel with his street art. In October, he plastered on several bus-stop benches faux ads calling him a "cry baby" and referring to his show as the "Estrogen Hour."

In that incident, Kimmel responded by having someone snap his picture while sitting on one of the benches giving Sabo the finger, then sending the photo to THR.

Kimmel, though, was unavailable Tuesday to comment on this latest attack from Sabo.