'Jimmy Kimmel Live' Trolls New Hampshire Primary Voters

Exit Troll in New Hampshire Screen Shot- H 2016
Courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

Similar to "Lie Witness News," people are asked their opinions on fake information.

Jimmy Kimmel sent a camera crew to a polling location in New Hampshire this week to film a segment similar to "Lie Witness News" called "Exit Troll." In this case, primary voters were asked for their take on fictional stories about this year's presidential candidates.

Kimmel's team polled people on inaccurate developments like Hillary Clinton making Bill her running mate, Bernie Sanders buying hashish from a traveling gypsy in the 1920s and Chris Christie stealing pancakes from an old lady's plate.

One man was asked about Clinton's "announcement that she plans to put Sean Penn on the Supreme Court." Even though Kimmel's team made that up, the interviewee was not happy about that prospect. "I think it was ridiculous," said the man, adding that Penn is "certainly not qualified" to serve on the Supreme Court. "She's disgusting," he said of Clinton.

Another man was horrified by the idea of Donald Trump coming out with a new version of the Bible with his face on it. And one woman couldn't be fooled. When the interviewer said Jeb Bush was giving out back rubs, she called him on his lie. "That's not even true," she said.