Jimmy Kimmel Depicts Trump's Media Lunch as the 'Game of Thrones' Red Wedding

"Only Tucker Carlson survived."

Donald Trump hosted an off-the-record lunch for members of the media on Thursday, and Jimmy Kimmel took a stab at what he thinks took place behind closed doors.

"He definitely spit in their food, though, right?" quipped Kimmel.

"It was supposed to be private, but we obtained some video which we can share with you now exclusively," the Jimmy Kimmel Live host said on Thursday's show.

The video was footage of the famous red wedding scene from Game of Thrones, with Donald Trump and Ivanka sitting at the head table. "I haven't shown you the hospitality you deserve," says Lord Walder Frey as Trump.

Anderson Cooper, Rachel Maddow and other media pundits are spotted in the audience and they start to get slaughtered one by one. "Only Tucker Carlson survived," joked Kimmel.