Jimmy Kimmel Imagines Trump Facing Off Against The Rock in "ElectoMania 2020"

"It would be the greatest race for president slash pay-per-view event of all time."

Jimmy Kimmel would love to see Dwayne Johnson run for president, he joked in his Jimmy Kimmel Live monologue on Wednesday.

"The race for 2020 is already shaping up, and according to a new public policy poll, if he ran for president, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson would beat Donald Trump 42 to 37 percent," said Kimmel, adding that everyone knows how trustworthy polls are.

"I think an actual rock would beat Donald Trump at this point," he commented with a laugh.

But in all seriousness, Johnson recently told GQ, when asked if he would run for president, "I think that it's a real possibility."

Kimmel teased that The Rock has the qualifications to be president because he's (fictionally) served in the military, worked for the CIA, fought off natural disasters and protected our oceans. He showed a slew of promotional materials for Johnson's films, including Baywatch and San Andreas, as he talked about Johnson's fictional qualifications.

"It would be the greatest race for president slash pay-per-view event of all time," said Kimmel of a 2020 race between Trump and Johnson. He imagined what it would look like by putting together a supercut of WWE footage.

"You run down our country. It's a country we love. It's a country we're proud of," screams Johnson in the mock edit in which he also talks about Russia. It's "ElectoMania 2020," and it's time to "Dwayne the swamp" in an all-out "smackdown of democracy."