Jimmy Kimmel Turns 'Stranger Things' Into '80s Sitcom

Jimmy Kimmel Live Stranger Things Mash-Up - Screenshot - H 2017

Merging the Netflix series with 'Perfect Strangers,' Kimmel introduced Larry and Balki to the demogorgon.

In wake of a successful second season for Netflix’s Stranger Things, Jimmy Kimmel decided to honor the '80s-set series by introducing a new mashup sitcom titled “Perfect Stranger Things,” in a sketch Monday night.

“Now the next incarnation of the show (Stranger Things) is taking that a step further with a new spinoff series that teams the kids from Hawkins, Indiana, with two beloved characters from the '80s, Larry and Balki,” Kimmel said as he introduced the sitcom trailer that would combine the Netflix series with the 1980s sitcom, Perfect Strangers.

In the trailer, featuring a reunited Balki (Bronson Pinchot) and Larry (Mark Linn-Baker), the two characters are in for a surprise when Balki’s “sister’s uncle’s dog’s nephew” needs a place to stay and shows up at their apartment. The nephew is revealed to be none other than the Stranger Things villainous demogorgon.

After meeting the demogorgon known as "Dem O'Gorgon," who Larry says “could use a breath mint,” the two soon learn how difficult it is to live with their new guest. Whether covering Balki’s toothbrush in slime or struggling to establish a lack of boundaries, the demogorgon is full of antics.

As the trio celebrates Halloween, the young cast of Stranger Things made a surprise guest appearance as trick-or-treaters, only to run once they spot the demogorgon. As in their show, Will (Noah Schnapp) gets caught by the demogorgon, which leads him to say, “Ugh! Not again!”

With Dem O’Gorgon “turning their lives upside down,” Balki and Larry are shown struggling to handle their guest, after it kills all of their friends.

After demanding that it leave, Larry and Balki are sent to the Upside Down by the demogorgon, where they immediately have a change of heart.

“Just kidding. Of course, you can stay. Don’t be ridiculous!” Pinchot's Balki tells the demogorgan, as he and Larry break out into a “happy dance.”

A montage is then played of the cousins’ life with the demogorgon where they read the newspaper together, prank each other and dance with the Hawkins boys.

While the credits name Pinchot, Linn-Baker and the Stranger Things cast, Kimmel was revealed to having played the role of the Dem O'Gorgon.

Following the faux-sitcom was a preview of another mashup series, "Full House of Cards," which showed Bob Saget’s Danny Tanner being thrown in front of a train.