Jimmy Kimmel Says Viewers Get Angry When He Has Politicians on Show

Jimmy Kimmel Politician Tweet — H 2016

The late-night host reads social media comments insulting him for inviting presidential candidates to speak with him.

In his viewers' eyes, Jimmy Kimmel can't win when it comes to political guests on his show.

"Every time we have a politician on the show, I get so much angry feedback on social media," said the late-night host. Kimmel went on to read the negative tweets and comments he receives for having Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders on his show.

"I can't stand Hillary, can't wait until she goes to jail," writes one commenter. "How could you be so low?" asks another, in reference to Trump's appearance. Another asks, "Why would disrespect Guillermo in such a terrible way" by having Trump on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

"Kimmel you communist suckup," says another critic, in response to Sanders' visit. 

Kimmel joked that if half of everyone hates him when a Republican is on and the other half hate him when a Democrat is on, "it adds up to everyone hates me." He also said he has even upset a family member with his political guests. Watch below.