Jimmy Kimmel's Cecil the Lion Segment Helps Raise More Than $150,000

Jimmy_Kimmel_Cecil - H 2015
Courtesy of ABC

Jimmy_Kimmel_Cecil - H 2015

Not 24 hours after Kimmel's emotional bit, more than 2,600 people made donations to Oxford’s Wildlife Conservation Research Unit.

At the end of Jimmy Kimmel’s emotional monologue in which he eviscerated the man responsible for killing Cecil the lion, the late-night host offered his viewers an opportunity to, as he put it, “make this into a positive.” And now it appears they have.

Not 24 hours after Kimmel used his ABC platform not only to educate his audience on the devastation at the Zimbabwean national park — where Walter Palmer, a Minnesota dentist and hunting enthusiast who paid $55,000 to hunt, track and kill the African lion that Oxford University had tagged for scientific research — but also to urge that audience to make a donation to Oxford’s Wildlife Conservation Research Unit, the latter is seeing results. In fact, more than 2,600 people have donated, for a total of more than $155,000.

“Support them at the very least and maybe we can show them that not all Americans are like this jack-hole here,” Kimmel said on his show, holding back tears as a shot of Palmer flashed onscreen.

Following the now-viral segment, Kimmel has been busy tweeting other celebrities, including Ariana Grande and Marlee Matlin, who have taken up the cause. Grande’s tweet — "I stand by u @jimmykimmel. making a donation to @WWFin hopes that C's death won't be forgotten. #RIPCecilTheLion</3" -- has already generated more than 8.5k retweets