Kids Lash Out at Jimmy Kimmel Over Annual Halloween Candy Prank

Jimmy Kimmel Live June 20 - Publicity - H 2019
ABC/Randy Holmes

"I would punch him in the face," one young boy said of the ABC late night host during this year's edition of the segment.

Halloween may be over, but Jimmy Kimmel Live! isn't done celebrating.

On Monday, the ABC late night show aired the results of its ninth annual "Halloween Candy YouTube Challenge," where parents tell kids they ate all their Halloween candy and film the reactions.

One child told her parents that it was "the worst Halloween I ever had because of you, dumby stupid pants."

Another threatened to call the police when her mom told her that she'd eaten all her candy, while two sisters frantically screamed and cried when they got the news. "We don't want to live with you anymore!" one yelled.

While some kids reacted by crying and screaming, others reacted with taciturn silence. One boy tried to shove his trick-or-treating bucket into the garbage, but it didn't fit so he ended up throwing it across the kitchen. Another girl threw her bucket at her father.

One girl took the news relatively well. After her mom told her that she'd eaten her candy and asked forgiveness, she accepted the apology but added: "Don't do it again. It will make you very sick. You will have to poop all that out."

Another clip showed a girl stomp on her bucket and storm out of the room as her brother threatened to eat their mother's food in retaliation. "You're making her sad. Say sorry," the son instructed after his sister returned to the room and continued to stomp on her bucket.

The segment then transitioned to clips of parents admitting to the ruse and blaming Kimmel. "If I ever saw Jimmy Kimmel, I would punch him in the face," declared one boy.

The segment concluded with one little boy confronting his father about eating his candy. When his mother asked how he felt, the boy responded, "Fuck it."

Watch the full segment below.