U.K. Sales Banner Jinga Films Steps Into British Distribution Ring With Chris Browne's 'Ghett'a Life'

The Jamaican boxing thriller is expected to roll out on a limited release Dec. 2.

LONDON – U.K. sales banner Jinga Films is stepping into the British distribution ring, striking a deal to distributor Chris Browne’s Jamaican boxing thriller Ghett’a Life.

Browne’s movie has true heavyweight backing from former super heavy weight champion boxer Lennox Lewis, who is an associate producer.

Jinga said it plans to roll the movie out on a limited release of 12 U.K. screens from December 2 this year.

It details the story of an aspiring teenage boxer, who joins a gym in a rival community to train for the Olympics, but it's election year and he soon finds himself confronted by a feared local crime lord.

Despite the violence that ensues, Derrick refuses to give up on his dream until the ignorance of divisiveness give way to the triumph of unity.

“The film gives a fascinating insight into the relationship between politics and crime in Jamaica and has an inspiring against-the-odds story with a positive feel good ending,” said Jinga’s Rosana Coutinho.