J.J. Abrams Joins Writers' Call to "End Agencies' Conflicted Practices"

J.J. Abrams

The top showrunner supports the Writers Guild of America's war against the talent agencies.

J.J. Abrams didn’t sign the Writers Guild of America's Statement of Support that close to 800 writers signed Saturday as the guild’s battle against talent agencies reached a boiling point. But it now appears that wasn’t an indication that he disagreed.

On Wednesday, the WGA sent a letter to members from Abrams. And it is steadfast in support of the guild.

"Last week I missed my opportunity to sign the Showrunners and Screenwriters Statement of Support," says the letter signed by Abrams. "But I’m not going to miss my chance to vote. … And if you agree with me that it’s finally time to end agencies’ conflicted practices, I urge you to join me and VOTE YES. Approve the Code of Conduct. Let’s give our Guild the power to make a difference for writers at every level and for generations to come."

Other signatories include Greg Berlanti, Jenji Kohan, Seth MacFarlane, Shonda Rhimes, Ilene Chaiken, Carlton Cuse, Barry Jenkins, David Koepp, Richard Lagravenese and Eric Roth. There are currently about 820 signatures.

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