J.K. Rowling Burns Twitter Troll With "Penis Enlargers" Joke

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"The Casual Vacanc"y sold 500,000 copies in six days.

The 'Harry Potter' author responded to misogynistic rant with quite a zinger.

J.K. Rowling truly is a master of words.

The Harry Potter author responded to some nasty talk from a Twitter user with a joke that was instantly retweeted thousands of times.

Twitter user @sjosiah0 tweeted at Rowling in response to the elections in the U.K.. 

Screenshot via The Huffington Post.

Rowling responded with this, and the offending account was later suspended by Twitter.

The exchange comes as misogynistic attacks on Twitter have been in the spotlight. Ashley Judd has been vocal about receiving graphic threats over Twitter, and has criticized the company for its "inadequate" response. Avengers: Age of Ultron director Joss Whedon recently quit Twitter, leaving many to speculate it was over harassment he received over the film, though he later said he quit so he could concentrate on writing