J.K. Rowling Teases Fans With 'Harry Potter' Prequel Joke on Twitter

2012-36 REP J.K. Rowling H

"The Casual Vacanc"y sold 500,000 copies in six days.

She's just kidding!

If you're the author of the most fanatically followed book franchise ever, it might be an idea to not torment fans with jokes about new stories. 

J.K. Rowling was given another reminder of how devoted Harry Potter fans are to even the smallest speck of hope that she will publish new stories, even so far as to take an obvious joke tweet seriously. 


Rowling joked that she had written a story concerning Percy Weasley and Narcissa Malfoy, but even though she added that she was kidding, twice, as well as adding the hashtag #NotAPrequel, Twitter still went into a frenzy and some fans didn't appreciate the author toying with their emotions.