J.K. Simmons Reveals Where He Keeps His Oscar

JK Simmons Best Supporting Oscar - H 2015
AP Images

The 'Whiplash' star also shares what his 'Terminator: Genisys' co-star Arnold Schwarzenegger said about his award-winning performance.

It's been more than a month since J.K. Simmons took home the best supporting actor Oscar for his role as abusive music teacher Terence Fletcher in Whiplash.

So where's the little guy (Oscar) hanging out at his house?

Simmons tells USA Today he originally kept the statuette atop a minifridge in the bathroom but moved it to a more formal setting on a bookshelf.

"It's still kind of surreal when I walk past it," he added. "It's like, 'There's my Oscar.' I don't know if it will ever become commonplace."

His role in Whiplash didn't just win him an Oscar, it also led to a compliment from his Terminator: Genisys co-star Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The two talked about the film at a cast Christmas party.

"Naturally, I went fishing for a compliment immediately about my physique. So, I asked if he was impressed by my biceps," Simmons recounts. "And he said, 'Your biceps were just OK. But the triceps were very impressive.' I have been telling that to everyone at the gym since then."

In the latest Terminator film, set to hit theaters July 1, Simmons plays a San Francisco detective who ends up interacting with Schwarzenegger's character, Sarah Connor (Emilia Clarke) and Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney).