J.Lo and Kanye's Go-To DJ Launches a Jewelry Collection

Ruckus Necklaces - H 2015
Matthew Pluznick

Ruckus Necklaces - H 2015

When DJ Ruckus isn't on the turntables for the likes of Oprah, he's working on his limited-edition Ruckus for Roxhouse necklace line.

DJ Ruckus, 31, credits his sense of style to the strong women in his life (Zoe Kravitz is his cousin), and counts Miami-based jewelry designer Alexis Dawn Geller among them. When she walked into a restaurant wearing a necklace similar to one he had been on the prowl for, the two bonded over their affinity for bold crystals. This month, they’ll release a limited-edition Ruckus for Roxhouse necklace line ($125-$325) that exemplifies what Ruckus calls "that perfect mix of bling and funky energy." Billboard got the scoop from the in-demand deck-wrecker, who works private parties for clients like Oprah Winfrey and Kanye West.

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Billboard: The collection has a strong theme of modern mysticism. Have you ever seen a shaman, or had your tarot or palm read?

DJ Ruckus: [Laughs.] I’ve had a shaman, for particular things. I’m totally into it. I’m an earthy guy. You need to get positive energy, and I equate most of my success to that: being humble and happy and dealing with people with a pure heart and a happy thought.

Should people wear one powerful statement piece from the line or a lot at once?

I like stacking my Roxhouse necklaces, so I’ve been wearing several of them at a time. You get a certain energy from each one. It’s almost like a vitamin infusion. You need Vitamin C and B12 to make it right.

Are your cousins Lenny and Zoe Kravitz major fashion influences?

Oh yeah, and Zoe’s mom [Lisa Bonet] is as hip as it gets. Zoe, she has her hippie vibe, and Lilakoi [Moon], that’s Lisa Bonet originally, is really into spirits and juicing. It all goes together. Lenny has been an influence on everyone in the fashion industry in some way, but definitely for me because we’re so close.

Would you envision a male customer buying one of your pieces for his girlfriend, and then wearing it himself the next day?

Totally. Ashlee [Simpson] stole Evan [Ross]’s piece when I gave it to him. They’re interchangeable.

What’s the biggest misconception people have about DJs?

That we’re sleeping with every girl that we talk to.

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Which of your clients has the best best-dressed list?

Ooh. Oooooooh. Ooooohhh! I think Naomi Campbell. [Laughs.] The people that she draws out. … I’ve DJed parties for her at the Valley of the Kings in Luxor, Egypt, like 50 people at a dinner. The way they put themselves together for a party … it’s pretty impressive.

Oprah or J.Lo: Who parties harder and longer?

Oprah jams a little bit! She jams! [Laughs.] In terms of who throws a jam, Alexander Wang throws a jam. Fashion people. They like to stay up late. Fashion has a lot of eccentrics, the mix between the gay and the straight and the openness of everything. They don’t give a shit, they don’t want to be watched. The fashion world knows how to get down.

A version of this story first appeared in the May 30 issue of Billboard magazine.