J.Lo's Gorgeous 'Idol' Glow

A sales associate at Saks Beverly hills says nearly 100 percent of the women who come in lately are asking the same thing: "What do I use to get J.Lo's glow?" This spring, Jennifer Lopez's flawless complexion is garnering as much attention as her judging gig on Fox's American Idol. Although rumors of plumpers and peels abound, her makeup artist, Mary Phillips, says Lopez's genes and good habits are responsible for her silky-smooth skin. "Jennifer has always taken great care of herself," she says. "She works out every day, drinks tons of water, eats well, has never been a drinker or smoker, gets rest when she can, wears sunscreen daily … those things really do help."

To get the 41-year-old star camera-ready, Phillips preps Lopez's skin with moisturizer and follows with a light layer of foundation (L'Oreal Magic-Smooth Souffle in Sand Beige) and concealer, as needed. She then dusts on bronzing powder to highlight, contour and add extra glow. "I use various shades. I love a rich, warm brown color but never anything orange," Phillips says of creating a natural, luminous look. Essentials in her J.Lo beauty kit include YSL lipsticks and glosses (in shades ranging from nude to fuchsia with gold flecks); long-lasting black Armani eyeliner; bold-hued YSL eyeliners; and L'Oreal's volumizing, smudge-proof mascara.

Phillips uses a less-is-more approach. She says women look older when they wear heavy makeup, especially under the HDTV lens, where it can appear caked on. "It's easier to add more later than take it off," she says.

An added help, though, is the lighting on the Idol set. "There are lights in the judges' table to take away from the neck and give their faces some lift," says exec producer Nigel Lythgoe, who adds that it boosts Lopez's glow.

Lopez's Idol looks -- from sultry siren to pretty with a pink pout -- are a collaborative effort by her glam squad, which includes Phillips, stylist Rob Zangardi and hairstylist Lorenzo Martin. "We meet the morning of the show to decide what we want to do," Phillips says. "Jennifer knows what works, and she's very involved in the process. The producers never get involved; they trust her to show up looking gorgeous."