Joan Collins Dropped as Royal Wedding Correspondent Over Diva Demand

Craig Barritt/Getty Images

Sharon Osbourne and Jane Seymour are now covering the lavish affair next month for The Insider and Entertainment Tonight, respectively.

Jane Seymour and Sharon Osbourne have signed on to cover the Royal Wedding for Entertainment Tonight and The Insider, respectively.

But before they were hired, ET had been eyeing Joan Collins, reports the new issue of The Hollywood Reporter. 
When she asked for a first-class L.A.-to-London ticket (price tag: $20,000), ET balked. (The actress’ rep didn’t respond; ET denies asking Collins.)
In a statement Monday, Jane tells ET she is excited for her gig. "I was able to speak to Prince William's private secretary. [I asked] 'what would Prince William and Catherine want us to know about them?' And he said their personal friends were all told to not talk to anyone, but let [him] have a think. About two days later I got this wonderful e-mail with four names and the invitation to talk to them about various things. And I think these are things that are very interesting and will be very interesting to the public." She adds, "I just thought, wouldn't it be great to actually [cover] this with someone and do it properly and actually get the inside scoop!"
As for Osbourne, she said reporting on the affair touches home.
"[Princess Diana] and I used to go to the same hairdressers,” she said in a statement. “She was very sunny. She lit up a room and had the most beautiful smile. [The English] adore Prince William because he is so much like Diana." She goes on to say, "I am so excited to be part of the family to help bring [viewers] the biggest story on both sides of the pond since Princess Diana said 'I do!'"