Joan Collins Remembers Sister Jackie Collins in Emotional Tribute

Joan and Jackie Collins H - 2015

"She wasn’t just a star — to me she was an entire galaxy," Collins pens in an essay.

Joan Collins has penned an essay in tribute to her sister, best-selling British author Jackie Collins, just weeks after Jackie's death. 

In the essay on her website, Joan describes tear-jerking memories of her sister, including the moment when Jackie — after waiting seven years — told her she had stage-four breast cancer. Although Joan writes she spent years nagging Jackie to get mammograms due to their mother's having the disease, Joan regards the secret as a characteristic she says was "typical" of her sister. 

"She always put other people, particularly family, ahead of herself," writes Joan. 

Regardless of the sisters' period of estrangement, Joan expresses that she "never had a better girlfriend than Jackie." She recalls their teenage moments wandering through Cannes, favorite characters written by Jackie and their Hollywood adventures — experiences with her sister that Joan says she would rather celebrate than mourn her absence. 

"I don’t think I will ever recover from the sadness of losing my beautiful baby sister," writes Joan. "Someone once said, the reality is that you don’t 'get over' the loss of a loved one, you learn to live with it. ... "She wasn’t just a star — to me she was an entire galaxy." 

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