'Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work': Comedian Tears Up Over Her Dog's Death in Unreleased Footage

"She was the one who had a smile on her face," an emotional Rivers said of her late pet

The documentary Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work, which premiered at Sundance in 2010, has been getting a lot of attention since Joan Rivers' death. Among its champions is Jimmy Fallon, who mentioned the documentary on The Tonight Show in his tribute to Rivers, calling it an "unbelievable" look into her life and work ethic.

But as with any documentary, there was more footage than could fit into the final cut. The Hollywood Reporter has a look at a previously unreleased clip in which Rivers mourns the loss of one of her beloved pets — and picks up a new puppy to help with the healing process. (Rivers had put down one of her dogs the day before the documentary started shooting.)

"She was the energy in the house. The dog, you know, you're always screaming 'Didn't I tell you to be quiet?' Stuff like that. She was the one who had a smile on her face," Rivers said of her late pet as she teared up.

Rivers was famously a dog lover, who said she left money for the care of her canines. Among her most famous pets was Spike, a Yorkshire Terrier she took everywhere with her. He appeared on The Tonight Show with Rivers and graced the cover of People magazine with his owner. She also used to take him to work at QVC. Spike died at 17 in 2001.

"To this day, people without a clue say, 'Hey, Joan, where's Spike?' " Rivers said in an April interview with Chicago Now. "You're kidding? Spike would be 40 now. He's a dog; he's in dog heaven, or wherever souls go. I hope when I go that's the direction I go in — where the dogs are."

Watch the video at the top of the post.