Joan Rivers' Costco Protest Ends in Nazi Allegations, No Free Samples

Joan Rivers Portrait 2011
Larry Busacca/Getty Images for Tribeca Film Festival

The comedienne was kicked out of the discount warehouse after protesting its refusal to carry her book.

Joan Rivers hates everyone, and that includes certain big box retailers with allegedly prude taste in book cover language.

The 79-year old comedienne made a scene at a Burbank Costco on Tuesday, as she chained herself to a shopping cart and used a bullhorn to protest the chain's refusal to carry her book, I Hate Everyone... Starting with Me.

"It's about First Amendment rights," Rivers told KTLA. "Costco banned my book because of one word on the back cover. I feel like this is a country where the people should have the right to have the literature they want."

"This is the beginning of Nazi Germany," she added.

Eventually, the cops were called, and Rivers was escorted from the premises -- with no arrests or citations made, according to the LA Times. Which is probably a good thing, as Rivers is a Costco member, and says she plans on continuing to shop there, Nazi suspicions and all.