Louis C.K. on Joan Rivers: "She Was a Controlled Lightning Bolt"

Louis C.K.

A modern comedy star on the passing of a legend

In the wake of Joan Rivers' death at the age of 81, Hollywood has been expressing a mixture of sadness and tremendous respect at the legendary skills of the comedienne. Everyone from Seth Meyers — who called her a "force of nature" — to Lena Dunham have offered their insights, but modern comedy legend Louis C.K. has delivered one of the most comprehensive takes on Rivers.

In a statement, the comedian wrote:

“I feel very lucky that I knew Joan Rivers and I feel very sad that she's gone. She was a great comedian and a wonderful person. I never saw someone attack a stage with so much energy. She was a controlled lightning bolt. She was a prolific and unpredictable, joyful joke writer. She loved comedy. She loved the audience. She was a great actress and should have done that more. She loved living and working. She was kind. She was real. She was brave. She was funny and you just wanted to be around her. I looked up to her.  I learned from her. I loved her. I liked her.  And I already miss her very much. It really f—ing sucks that she had to die all of a sudden.”