Joan Rivers Says Her Red Carpet Reporting Days Are Over

Joan & Melissa Rivers - The Comedy Central Roast Of Joan Rivers - Arrivals- 2009
Jason Merritt/Getty Images

"It's not fun anymore," adds her daughter Melissa.

PASADENA – Joan and Melissa Rivers – who made their bones insulting celebrities on red carpets for E! Entertainment and TV Guide Network – say their awards show days are done.

Asked if they missed the kabuki dance of querying starlets about who they’re wearing, Melissa said Friday morning at the Television Critics Association press tour: “We’ve done that. It’s not fun anymore.”
Added Joan, “When we were doing it, you could tell Julia Roberts, ‘I hate your dress.’”
Now publicists ice you if your insults are too incendiary, she said.
“It took all the fun out of it,” said Melissa.
Another downfall: When Lisa Rinna replaced the two as TV Guide Network’s red carpet hostess in 2007.
“When I found myself literally pulling Nicole Kidman’s arm away from – who’s the one with the big lips? - I thought, What am I doing?” said Rivers, referring to Rinna. “Take your stupid lips and take these movie stars.”
The two are now focusing on a new project: Joan and Melissa: Joan Knows Best? - a WE tv reality show, debuting Jan. 25 at 9 p.m.
The show centers on Joan moving in with her daughter. 
Asked about reality TV these days, Joan couldn't help but snip about MTV's smash hit Jersey Shore.
“Call me stupid, but I don’t want to watch people who live in trailers," she told critics. "That’s reality that I don’t like. So I think Jersey Shore -- yuck!”
But they wouldn't mind if Snooki made a cameo on their show.
Quipped Joan, "We hope Snooki will come visit us. Are you kidding? We’re whores!"