'Jobs' Cast Reveals the Pressure of Portraying the Life of an Icon at L.A. Premiere

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Ashton Kutcher tells THR that the original Mac team thanked him for “giving them two more hours of Steve.”

At the Los Angeles premiere of Open Road Films’ biopic Jobs, the life and legacy of Steve Jobs were very much in the spotlight as the cast and filmmakers walked the carpet at L.A. Live’s Regal Cinemas on Tuesday night.

Director Joshua Michael Stern revealed that the story of an ordinary guy and his friends, who were “considered to be the nerds and outsiders in the community,” and how they grew up to change the face of technology, was the reason he took on the daunting task of bringing the life of the iconic Apple co-founder to the big screen.

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“Steve Jobs started by tinkering in a garage with a bunch of friends,” Stern noted. “That could be anybody in America watching this film. I hope it inspires people.”

The cast of Jobs took on a myriad of roles in striving to accurately portray the people in Jobs’ life. Taking on a role based on a real person was an added challenge for many of the actors.

Josh Gad, who plays Steve Wozniak, expressed that there is “a lot more to answer for” in acting as a real-life character in comparison to a fictional one, while Lesley Ann Warren, who plays Steve Jobs’ mother, shared that she had to do extensive research in the effort to “honor the woman that [Clara Jobs] actually was.”

Ashton Kutcher, who plays the Apple co-founder, told The Hollywood Reporter that he received genuine support upon showing the film to close friends who had actually known Jobs himself.

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“We also showed it to the original Mac team, and they came to us and said that those exact scenes didn’t happen, but something exactly like that happened a thousand times,” Kutcher recounted. “A couple of them came up to me afterwards and thanked me for giving them two more hours of Steve.”

Though Jobs will be first to hit theaters, director Stern shares that he looks forward to seeing how Sony’s upcoming Steve Jobs biopic, set to be directed by Aaron Sorkin, will play out.

“The Steve Jobs story is such a large story. We only tell it from the time he’s in his early 20s up until his late 30s. There’s so much more to tell,” he told THR. “I think Aaron Sorkin is a genius, so I can only imagine that they’re going to do something great.”

Other cast members in attendance were Lukas Haas, Ahna O’Reilly, Dermot Mulroney, Eddie Hassell, Matthew Modine and score composer John Debney.

Jobs opens in theaters on August 16.