Jobs cut at Weather Channel

As net is abosorbed into NBC Uni, 60-80 laid off

NEW YORK -- Storm clouds are brewing at the Weather Channel, with an estimated 60-80 jobs cut in recent weeks as the Atlanta-based company is absorbed into new owner NBC Universal.

Several on-camera meteorologists were laid off, including Weather Channel veterans Dave Schwartz and Cheryl Lemke. Also let go was the staff of "Forecast Earth," the channel's weekend environmental newsmagazine hosted by former CNN and MSNBC anchor Natalie Allen. The cuts also affected employees behind the scenes.

"The economic realities of recent months have created challenges for everyone in our business," NBC Uni said in a statement. "In addition, when NBC Universal purchased the Weather Channel earlier this year, we expected that there would be cost synergies as part of a company reorganization."

NBC Uni, which purchased the network along with the private equity firm Blackstone Group, is merging the Weather Channel operations with its own Weather Plus. Weather Plus will close down by the end of the year, although some of the staff will remain.

"While it is always difficult to lose valued employees, we are doing our best to minimize the impact and remain committed to providing the highest-quality content that our viewers have come to expect from the Weather Channel." Though it's losing "Forecast Earth," the channel will be adding other environmental programming.

The entire company is undergoing a $500 million effort to cut costs that have been mandated by NBC Uni's parent company, General Electric.
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