Jodi Long Running for SAG-AFTRA Secretary-Treasurer

Benjo Arwas
Jodi Long

She is adding to the MembershipFirst ticket headed by Matthew Modine for president.

Actor and SAG-AFTRA national executive committee member Jodi Long announced Tuesday night that she is running for the union’s secretary-treasurer office on the MembershipFirst ticket headed by Matthew Modine for president.

In addition to serving since 2016 on the 24-member national executive committee (a subgroup of the 80-member national board), Long has served in recent years on the union’s women's committee (2009-16), ethnic employment opportunity committee (2010-pres.) and TV/theatrical negotiations committee (2017-pres.), among others.

"Game-changing technology in our industry requires foresight," said Long, a veteran of stage, film and television. "Matthew Modine and our MembershipFirst slate possess the vision and the fortitude to excel. Whether it’s the tough job of negotiating new contracts, implementing innovative solutions within an ever-changing landscape, or ensuring membership — and the next generation — enjoy the very same benefits our former union brethren had the foresight to set in place."

Added Long, "That's why I'm running for secretary-treasurer. With a lifetime of experience working our contracts, four years as a SAG-AFTRA national board member and proudly serving numerous committees including the TV/theatrical negotiating committee, it's my time to step up to the fight. A fight for a change in leadership and our right to make a decent living."

Long will face off against Camryn Manheim, running on the Unite for Strength ticket headed by incumbent president Gabrielle Carteris. Seeking to step up, incumbent secretary-treasurer Jane Austin, a former MF member, is running for president as an independent.

“I am thrilled to welcome Jodi Long into the race for national secretary-treasurer,” said Modine. “Ours is a member-run union and it is important to know how our initiation fees & dues are being spent. Jodi has tremendous experience as a board member and years of selfless service for others. More importantly, Jodi will bring truth and transparency where there is now vagary and opacity.”

Long is endorsed by George Takei, Bill Pullman, Anna Deavere Smith, Christine Ebersole, Frankie Faison and Margaret Cho. MembershipFirst has not yet announced its board candidates. Election ballots will be mailed to members July 29 and tabulated Aug. 28. The election encompasses most national and local SAG-AFTRA offices and board positions as well as delegates, who will then attend the union’s October convention in Los Angeles and choose an executive vp, among other duties.