'The Brady Bunch' Cast Reveals Jodie Foster Almost Played Cindy

Charles Sykes/Bravo

The cast also recalled Florence Henderson being a good role model and said that she "wouldn't allow" fame to go to their heads during an appearance on 'Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen.'

The cast of The Brady Bunch revealed that Oscar-winner Jodie Foster was almost part of the beloved show when they visited Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen on Thursday.

Maureen McCormick, Eve Plumb, Susan Olsen, Barry Williams, Christopher Knight and Mike Lookinland reunited to reminisce about their time on the classic TV program ahead of the HGTV/Food Network crossover special A Very Brady Renovation: Holiday Edition.

During the appearance, Olsen revealed one actress who competed against her for her role. "Jodie Foster was up for Cindy," she shared.

The stars were also asked to reveal which castmember let fame get to their head the most, but they all agreed that no one was that negatively impacted by the success of the show. "The atmosphere was very much, 'This is our job. This is what we do. We show up, we pay attention,'" said Plumb.

"That was a theme of every other episode...getting a swelled head," added Olsen.

Knight also said that Florence Henderson was a great role model and "wouldn't allow" for the younger castmembers to get big heads. Henderson, who portrayed Carol Brady, died in 2016 of heart failure.

Earlier in the segment, the cast reflected on whether the show "jumped the shark" when Cousin Oliver (Robbie Rist) joined the show. "The show was already in the toilet when you add a new cute kid," said Olsen. "They just flush."

McCormick and Williams also discussed their first kiss, which Williams detailed in his 1992 book, Growing Up Brady. "It was good," said McCormick. When asked to rate the kiss on a scale of one to 10, McCormick gave it a 10.

The cast also discussed Knight's reality show My Fair Brady, which Olsen admitted she "loved." Meanwhile, Williams was more critical of the show. "I have one word: Why?" he said.

When asked if they dated any celebrities the public didn't know about while filming the show, Olsen said that she kissed an actor from Oliver. "I was like 9, but I did get kissed by Mike Lester," she revealed.

"My girlfriend at the time was a world champion horse jumper," said Lookinland. "Does that count? Is she a celebrity?"