Jodie Foster Clarifies After Golden Globes Speech: 'I Am Not Retiring'

Golden Globes Jodie Foster Acceptance Speech - P 2013
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Golden Globes Jodie Foster Acceptance Speech - P 2013

"You’d have to drag me with wild horses," Foster says.

After laying waste to the Beverly Hilton Ballroom with a deeply moving speech about her life, career and family, Jodie Foster closed her remarks at the Golden Globes by hinting at big changes to come in her professional life. But fret not: She reassured reporters backstage that the R-word is not in her vocabulary.

“No, I am not retiring,” Foster clarified emphatically. “I could never stop acting. You’d have to drag me with wild horses."

Nor is Foster leaving the world of entertainment behind, saying that she in fact wants to do more directing. 

“I’m actually more into it than I’ve been,” Foster said of her desire to work in the business.

The point she meant to make in her speech, she explained, was that “my work is evolving.” Foster later added that her award was like a graduation of sorts, comparing it to a high school or university commencement.

It's an honor that allows one to re-examine “the patterns of your career and how they express you psychologically,” she said.