Friendship Goals: Joe Biden's Birthday Gift to Barack Obama Is Everything

Barack Joe Braclet H 2016

Obiden forever.

Aug. 4, 2016 marks Barack Obama's 55th birthday. For most of us, he's known as the president of the United States (and the leader who wore that tan suit). But for Vice President Joe Biden, Obama is more than just the nation's commander-in-chief — he's "a best friend forever."

To prove his point, Biden gifted Obama with a colorful friendship bracelet — the same accessory that was first seen in Obama's "5 Things That Are Harder Than Registering To Vote" video for Buzzfeed — that featured orange and green threads, as well as cute charms in the shape of a blue flower, blue star, smiley face and what appears to look like a slice of pie. Because if you know Obama, he prefers cake over pie.

Biden isn't the only one to show Obama love on his birthday. FLOTUS Michelle Obama tweeted, "55 years young and that smile still gets me every single day. Happy birthday, Barack. I love you." You can bet it caused the Internet to let out a collective "aww."

The vp's gift makes us wonder if he took note of former president and potential first gentlemen of the U.S. Bill Clinton's accessory — a friendship bracelet worn to show solidarity with the Colombian people following the murder of a Los Ninos del Vallenato bandmember — which he was seen wearing at the Democratic National Convention. Either way, we're all here for the Joe-mance.

Here's to wishing a happy birthday to President Obama!