Joe Biden Hires Former MPAA Exec Kate Bedingfield as Spokesperson

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Associated Press

She boards the vice president's office amid speculation about a presidential bid.

Vice President Joe Biden has picked former MPAA vp corporate communications Kate Bedingfield as his new communications director, the White House said Monday.

She replaces Shailagh Murray, who is named senior advisor to President Obama. "She will be a key adviser to me, a terrific asset to our office and an important member of the entire White House organization," Biden said in a statement about Bedingfield's appointment.

Before joining the MPAA in 2011, Bedingfield worked in the White House as an associate communications director. She also served as the deputy director of media affairs and the director of response.

In 2008, Bedingfield was the communications director for Jean Shaheen's Senate campaign after a stint on John Edwards' presidential campaign. Returning to the White House follows growing speculation about a possible presidential run by Biden after a challenge to Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Any presidential bid by Biden would involve major Hollywood fundraisers and donors already being courted by Clinton.