Joe Biden Talks Donald Trump on 'The Tonight Show,' Predicts Hillary Clinton Will Win the Election: "We'll Be in Good Hands"

Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

"I've never known of a candidate who knows as little about the world as this man does," the vice president said Thursday.

Vice President Joe Biden made his first appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday to discuss his support for Hillary Clinton and her first presidential debate with Donald Trump. 

"I'm a fan, so go easy on me," Biden told the host, as Fallon told him about his research on the vp (347 jokes about him while in office, according to him). 

Fallon quickly turned the interview to Monday night's debate between Clinton and Trump. "Bless me, Father, I'm about to sin," Biden said as Fallon asked him about the event. "I've never quite seen anything like that."

When Fallon asked him if he had ever seen that much fact-checking in a debate, Biden responded: "I've never seen anybody who knew as few facts." 

"What amazes me about Donald Trump [is] his lack of sensibility," he said, quoting Trump: "'I was rooting for the housing market to fail because that's business.' That's not business. That's callous. 'I paid no taxes and that makes me smart.' What does that make the rest of us, suckers?"

"Can you think of any president that you've studied, read about or knew, who would say anything like that? It angers me, quite frankly," he said. "The American people don't like being played for suckers." 

Biden, on the subject of polls, said that people are taking "longer and longer to make up their minds" in presidential elections, so polls might not mean as much as they're being reported to mean. "It surprised me that he's still in the game ... he seems so ... I've never known of a candidate who knows as little about the world as this man does." 

"I don't even think he understands how much damage he's done, based on what he says," Biden summed up. He told Fallon that he does think Clinton will win ("we'll be in good hands"). 

The Tonight Show was Biden's second NBC appearance this week. Biden also appeared as himself on Wednesday's Law & Order: SVU. Biden's last late-night appearance was almost a year ago when he joined Stephen Colbert on The Late Show during his first month at CBS. 

Watch Biden's appearance below.