Why Joe Jonas Just Might Be Latino (Video)

Joe Jonas Latino MunTV Screen Grab - H 2011

Joe Jonas Latino MunTV Screen Grab - H 2011

The pop star's ring tone, phone conversations and food choices reveal a secret facet of the singer's life in a new comedy short.

Joe Jonas listens to banda, salts his oranges and likes rice and beans -- could he secretly be Latino?

That's the hypothesis presented by Mun2 in a recent comedic short, which opens with a camera crew following the pop star down a hallway. An interviewer asks, "Tell me about your fans, how do you think they perceive you?"

Jonas replies, "It's interesting, it seems like a lot of fans think I'm Latino for some reason. It's confusing, I really don't understand it."

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The faux doc then cuts to Jonas answering his cell phone that has a ring tone with an instrumental banda beat. He proceeds to rattle off a litany of Spanish-language slang and phrases to the person on the other end of the line.

When Jonas steps on an elevator, his headphones reveal more Latin music.

Another phone conversation finds Jonas speaking only in Spanish, telling his friend to calm down ("tranquilo"). He then orders a lunch of arroz con pollo con frijoles negra (rice with chicken, black beans), dos albondigas (two meatballs) and tres chuletas (pork chops).

The scene conclude with him salting an orange, a flavoring most common in Latino households.

Comedian Mike Diaz, aka Juan Bago, supplies Jonas' Spanish-speaking voice in the skit.

Jonas wrapped a solo tour in support of his Fast Life album in Oct.